You have surely seen some pictures on the internet of the pink lagoons, but did you know that you can visit them in Mexico? Las Coloradas are located north of the Yucatan Peninsula and Cancun Passion will take to expore them.

You will be able to take photos and walk around the area, which is part of a protected natural reserve. The characteristic color of these lagoons comes from the high concentration of salt and the microorganisms that live in them: plankton, tiny shrimp and pink algae. This is a very special place and we will always ask you to respect it at all times during the tour.

In addition to the visit to Las Coloradas, you will also navigate through mangroves and visit an authentic 16th century hacienda. Ready for a unique experience?

These tours take you to the Pink Lagoons - Las Coloradas

A place unlike any other. This is spot that will make you wonder if you are still on Earth! Las Coloradas and its pink lagoons should be on the bucket list of any traveler.